Before I get to the releases, I want to give some unsolicited opinion of my own about something. Recently, one of my fav BL scanlator came back from the dead and posted some releases, however, it was her goodbye. I’m sure if you read BL scanlations, you’d definitely come across Hoshikuzuu Scans.

And what she wrote in her goodbye post, I, well, I empathise with it very much. A bit too much… Like her, I was a solo scanlator, and now, I’m growing to a team of 4 and a 1/2. Why that half? Well, I never really asked Reversinator to join, but I just ask him to help me PR stuff that I really wanted to be PR-ed. Haha…

But like Hoshikuzuu, I started out in my own little corner in Weebly back in 2016 as that solo scanlator, translating whatever I liked, without a care, and now its me, Velo, Bagan, and Chiasa (and the occasional Rev). Also shout out to Das, who provides a lot of help with manga raws.

And also honestly, until the 4th quarter of last year, I was in my own little corner, I don’t really know about what’s happening in the scanlation world, or who’s who beyond what I follows.

And then, because I crave some interaction between other scanlators, I wonder how other scanlators operates, etc, I want to learn more and pick their brains, so to speak, so I started to look around for some avenue to meet and chat. Someone recommended /r/manga discord, and then from there, mangadex discord. Many months down the road, I don’t even look at /r/manga discord anymore, and at this moment, I have totally muted mangadex discord too.

I have to say that, I went from a rose-coloured glasses wearing scanlator to a cynical one really fast in the past 9 months or so. Really got to admit, sometimes I’m also frustrated with my reader base. But, because I have went from just translating BL (which honestly, I have to say, the readership can be very toxic) to a lot of other stuff, most of which are stuff nobody reads (not popular), instead of expanding my reader base, I feel like it became smaller lol despite I have translated over 50+ titles because people can’t really pinpoint what am I catering for. And that contributes to me getting no toxic readers. At least, they don’t come here and I have simply stopped trawling for them because I have no time.

However, I have never really cared for issues like huge numbers of readers, being famous, being some big group (the only thing big about me are the amount of titles I am translating, and the pain in my hand LOL) or getting rich from scanlation. I entertained some form of donations before, but I’m like, its just so awkward and I will feel very obligated, so I scrape that idea so I can be free to do what I want instead of what other people want. I do like to point out, without the discord community, I would never have met Das, and without Das really, and Velo as well, I wouldn’t be able to survive without some form of monetary helps. I was being ignorant, and frankly speaking, when you translate this many titles, it is very expensive. It’s thanks to them I’m able to operate donations free.

The biggest take out really from the manga chat community are just that, I get to meet a selected few awesome people.

And back to me becoming cynical. Like what Hoshii mentioned, the number of people that scanlate just for that readership, donations, etc… There’s lots of this kind of scanlators out there. Concerningly lots and stupid. And also a lot of them are crappy ‘machine translators’. I have lynched (on a personal vendetta to exorcise them) so many in the mangadex discord because I am personally offended by these people. Some of them are downright horrible, like they don’t know the language at all and they are “translating”. WTF are you translating? You don’t even know the damn language. One dude was even like, GOOGLE TRANSLATE > HUMAN TRANSLATOR. Do I even need to go on?

As a learner of Japanese language, I feel really offended about people like that. (The language have a lot of nuances, and a lot of these nuances aren’t something you can get from basic japanese level or google translate. I am in my 2nd year of living in Japan, in my 7th year of learning Japanese, moving towards that N2 level and yet, I’m still finding interesting things to learn and facing stuff that I’m still struggling with with the Japanese Language.)

The worst offenders are those that MTL and ask for donations. Or be this one dude, the dude that don’t want to get a real proper job and actually wrote a scathing passive aggressive note to their readers blaming them for not donating enough! LIKE WTF COME ON?!! You already get like a lot of money a month from the donations. Maybe quit that overwatch and find some real job. You really want to take care of your “sick mom?”, fyi there’s a lot of jobs you can do from home. The entitlement of some people, really….

Anyway, tl;dr, Hoshii’s post resonates with me. The practices that she pointed out, It’s something that I personally am very meh about, and I distanced myself from. Again, while I do met some very nice people with my foray into these chatrooms to meet other scanlators, I have to say majority of them are just really very toxic people. I just feel so out of place and overtime you subconsciously feel stressed to fit in (?) but it doesn’t really work out that way for me.

I, just want to meet like minded people like myself. We are all about the art of scanlation, I don’t care about high views, huge amount of readers, I don’t care if you read what I translated or not honestly. If you read my stuff, good on you, cause it means you got some taste, but in the end of the day, I’m just doing it for myself and the manga that I am translating.

I don’t know if one day I will also be like Hoshii, jaded to the point where I’ll quit, but I really love translating, the magic of if never fails to excite me despite me sometimes feeling very frustrated (possibly because I like to pick hard to translate stuff LOL…they are really fun to read but so frustrating to translate) so I hope that’ll never happen. I think secluding myself is what’s best for my sanity, before I lose my way. I really don’t want to get to the point where I feel like I’ll hate this hobby because of the community (pretty close!). Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

So, this is just something I wanted get off my chest. To that small percentage of scanlators that are just doing it for the art, you know who you are, I deeply respect you all, and for the others that are just some kind of fame or money seeking hoes, well, good to know ya but see ya, don’t wanna be ya.
I’ll link Hoshii’s post here if you want to check it out. You’ll be missed Hoshii.

1. Kimi ni wa Todokanai Chapter 2

Velo requested another chapter, so this is for her. Say thanks to Velo if you’re following this too.

In this chapter, we saw Kakeru beginning to be aware of Yamato. But while he’s aware, he’s also still in denial of that blossoming awareness.

It’s cliche, but it is still cute af.

2. Yasashii Hikari: Vol 1 Omake & Vol 2 Ch 5

We have officially move into the second volume. Yay~ Everyone favourite SoL is back 🙂 It is still cute as always and also still fill with some nice mature insight. I am still absolutely loving this manga.

The topic about death as something we take for granted, really got me thinking too. Like Hiyoko, I too never really think too much about death, and how I should deal with death. In a few short pages in this chapter, I think it manages to deliver about the fleetingness of life and how we are going to leave behind our own footprint in this world.

As always, I do feel like I don’t do it enough justice. But I hope you guys enjoy them as always.

STAN NCT!! This song slaps

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