Happy New Year once again!

First release of the year is the beginning of a new theme, it’s my “Various Ways of Love” theme as a lead up to next month’s Valentine’s. What I want to explore with this theme is to translate various themes of love, I’m trying my best to scour stories for this, if you know of any interesting one, do let me know so I can check if they tickle my fancy. The criteria? Must be original in Japanese and must be a one shot.

It’s the first time I’m having someone typeset my translations rather than myself. The Christmas’ releases really did a number on my right hand. Now I’m suffering from RSI and I’m trying to lessen the stress on it as much as possible.

I probably should take a long break from this, but I’m unable to let go because I have too many things to translate. So, I don’t know how this go, I’m doing all I can, I switch to forcing myself to sit straighter with better posture, use my graphic tablet as mouse instead (i think that’s suppose to be ergonomic) and avoid as much redraw and typeset. I also picked up Typesetterer to reduce repetitive motions during typesetting (which I believe is the main culprit cause the hurt really really makes itself very obvious when I was typesetting for Christmas releases).

TL:DR, scanlation kills, so, if possible, please always support us at our own site instead of visiting aggretator (though I do agree they are more convenient, but this is not a walk in the park hobby, especially if you want to maintain some kind of quality. Especially when you are solo)

So, about this first release for my ‘love’ theme, it’s a story about a LGBTQ couple, Makoto and Yuuko. I wish this is a series, because I feel so much potential from this, and for it to properly explore more about gender issues. While I’m just your run of the mill Cis-Hetero, I appreciate the effort of anybody looking for their own identity. It’s hard enough as it is to be a cisgender of any sex, I can’t even imagine the journey for our sisters and brothers are going through to be what they know they are.

I tried my best to translate it as PC as possible, if there’s any parts that’s wrong, I apologize. There’s no intention to offend anyone. And I really thank Plykiya for proofreading this, and also to Mag for agreeing to take the time out of her busy schedule to help me typeset this.

This is where the beauty of the community come in that’s overshadowed by a lot of the scanlator drama, etc…

I hope you all like this story as much as I do! To read, as always, please follow the link HERE!