Release #5 2019

I couldn’t resist and did another chapter for Oh! Men! (not to be confused those hoomin, ‘Men‘ means noodles in Japanese. Also, when I finally did it, I wonder why I waited so long to try out my theory to […]


Release #4 2019

Hello, lovelies! I’m back with a new release! It’s a very short and unique one, and if you like cooking, this is the one for you! This is more of a cookbook, than a manga… well, or is it a […]


Release #3 2019

I mentioned last post that Shobo Shobo Man will be replacing a series that’s coming to an end, and that is “Risou no Koi no Sono Ato Ni“. Sorry for taking so long with a 4 chapters short series, I’m […]


Release #2 2019

Second release of the year is a new series that will be replacing another series that’s ending in the next release! Why I don’t post that first, I never know…but this is the one that I completed first… Anyhow, it’s […]


Release #1 2019

Happy New Year once again! First release of the year is the beginning of a new theme, it’s my “Various Ways of Love” theme as a lead up to next month’s Valentine’s. What I want to explore with this theme […]


Release Post #10.5 2018

I’m back with part two of my Christmas releases! Just in time 🙂 Second part of the releases are mostly fluffy stories. They only have one purpose, to make you feel fluffy. 1. Yasashii Te (BL Oneshot) This is the […]


Release #10 2018

When you see the title, you know whatsup! Got my new laptop earlier than expected! Woohoo~ Actually, I planned to fix up the website while on holidays after I posted my Christmas releases, but as you guys know, things didn’t […]


Some news update…

Hey all you lovelies, how is it going? I’m just popping in for some quick news to let you all know what’s up with me currently. See, today is actually the day I planned to release my xmas releases, but […]


Release Post #9.5 2018

As promised, another chapter of Yasashii Hikari (one more chapter and I would have caught up with Volume One!… Ugh… ganbarimasu~) I really love this slow pace manga. Every chapter makes me feel wistful, even if it’s just a simple […]


Release Post #9.1 2018

This is a quick short one 😛  Firstly, I wanted to do some mega Thanksgiving releases, but it didn’t happen 🙁 Sounds good in my mind but gah, reality intrudes, I’m sorry! Secondly, Snowbaz joined my solo gig as a […]