Hello! I’m THE motokare of ‘Anata no Motokare’, and welcome to my website! This is a website that’s mostly about my translations, and I like to translate Japanese manga into English for my own amusement and practice. In the
future, I would also like to spread my wings and try translating other stuff. 

I’m mostly a one-person army, which means I translate, edit, and also typeset
the things you see here. But occasionally, I also do get help from others! 

When I started out, I thought to myself, hey I’m a BL translator, but as it turns out, I appear to translate a lot of stuff. So, you will find a bit of ALMOST ‘everything’ here. 

I tends to gravitate towards stories that are usually sentimental, with underlying messages, sometimes sombre, but mostly just stuff that makes you feel good. And then I also like hilarious immature laugh out loud stuff, because that’s how my humour is, and then, I also translate stuff that are nothing but mere eyecandy fluff. 

If you like what I do here, and my translations are by no means 100% accurate, (I do try to be to the best of my comprehension) please do considering supporting me through Patreon next time! (I’m looking to set it up). Probably every other translation sites/groups you see nowadays have this, I’m nothing special, but it will greatly help me with my server and domain stuff. Anything leftover from paying those, I will use them to get more raws! 🙂 Win-win right?  

GOT7 diehard fangirl. #ahgase4life
I also stan A.C.E, IMFACT & ONF

Jurina-oshi UwU
Photography nerd
Otaku Joshi