Hello! I’m THE motokare of ‘Anata no Motokare’, and welcome to my website! This is a website that’s mostly about my translations, and I like to translate Japanese manga into English for my own amusement and practice. In the future, I would also like to spread my wings and try translating other stuff. 

I’m mostly a one-person army, which means I translate, edit, and also typeset
the things you see here. But, I also do get awesome help from other incredible people! 

When I started out, I thought to myself, ‘Hey, I’m a BL translator, I only wanted to translate BL,’ but as it turns out, I appeared to translate a lot of other stuff too. So, you will find a bit of ALMOST ‘everything’ here. 

I tends to gravitate towards stories that are usually sentimental, with underlying messages, sometimes sombre, but mostly just stuff that makes you feel good. And then I also like hilarious immature laugh out loud stuff, because that’s how my humour is, and then, I also translate stuff that are nothing but mere eyecandy fluff. 

If you like what I do here, and my translations are by no means 100% accurate, (I do try to be to the best of my comprehension) please do considering supporting me by leaving comments (I really do like to read about them), and read from my site (Subscribe!!!). I don’t own any of the manga I translate. If you do like any of it, please consider support the original authors too!! 

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