I’m the 90% of this translation gig.
I’m currently at N3 (Intermediate level Japanese) and just using this as a fun way to use my Japanese.
Translates sporadically… at times I’m really motivated, and then sometimes I just find myself overwhelmed by other stuff…

Translating mainly BL, but it is a very competitive scene (they are all so fast!!!!! the moment I decided to translate something, I’ll see it release by someone else the next day LOL), so, I’m kind of struggling with that. Besides BL, I also translate other genres like shoujo, seinen, josei and some shounen.

I gravitates towards 2 extremes: serious, sombre, mature, and sentimental stories (I like “slice of life” setting the most) to wacky laughed out loud stories. You’ll occasionally find stories that are nothing but mere fluff because I’m trash.

This is purely a fan translation site, I’m not seeking to profit off what I’m doing here, (maybe to only pay my hosting, don’t worry it doesn’t cost more than 100$ a year, not per month) and my translations are by no means accurate, but I do try within the scope of my comprehension.

GOT7 diehard fangirl. #ahgase4life
I also stan A.C.E, IMFACT & ONF

Jurina-oshi UwU
Photography nerd
Otaku Joshi

Hello!  Stay-at-home mom and proofreading extraordinaire with too much time on her hands…
I have a little boy named Charlie, and he is expecting a baby sister named Ruby sometime in April.

My favorite manga at the moment is Yona of the Dawn.  I am a sucker for anything fantasy romance!  I read a lot of fantasy novels, as well.

I’m a huge music fan (Beatles for life!) and you can oftentimes find me crocheting and half-watching some random show on Netflix.

I watch way too much YouTube and I eat out more times a week than I’d care to admit, but whatever.  Life is good!