Besides retranslation requests (which are not needed) please use the email above to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don’t you posts your future projects?

A. Because I change my mind too frequently…
Sometimes I just lose interest in it, or someone else publish it faster than me… that’s why I don’t see the point of listing them as they will just keep changing.

Q. When will you release your old chapters?

A. If you are asking about those series that needed a new release, I’m working on it. I have crappy priorities…and slow…and procrastinate…. a lot…

Q. Why don’t you offer downloads?

A. I specially paid for hosting space so you can read it online (it really is my dream to have my own reader and I kind of feel that offering a download takes away the views).

If you want to download, I’m sure you can find a way.

Q. Your releases size are so small. Do you have a better version available?

A. No sorry, I do not. I don’t boast “high quality” releases as I’m not a publisher. This is just a fan site and I think the size I put out is appropriate as sample reading. The only exception is if the raws aren’t mine and my provider requested that I don’t resize them. 

Please don’t treat my translations as the official releases. 

Q. Do you take requests?

A. Yes, but it depends. I have quite a bit I wanted to translate, so you are welcome to email me for suggestions, but I will only accept it if I’m very very interested in it. But I will not translate already licensed stuff. 

If possible, I like to avoid stuff that have never ending chapters. I’m not a scanlation group, I’m just a one person translator. Never ending stuff gives me no space to work on other things… 

Q. What about serialized/localized stuff?

A. I don’t check religiously if what I’m translating are serialized in English or not. But if it happened to be serialized, please contact me, I will remove them from my site.