†Uncool Dead / Uncool X Dead

I’m very happy to be back so soon to deliver another release. This is a new shoujo (and it’s not a lovey dovey story -yet- even though it’s published in Margaret-which is known for its very shoujo-esque shoujo)

This author was another one I have been eyeing since her debut. Betcha after I release this, someone gonna come all guns blazing and releases all her previous oneshots…heh

This kind of stuff always happen to me >.<

To be honest, it’s just because I’m trying to steer away from very typical shoujo, so I withhold myself from translating her previous works. But, she didn’t produce any work for quite a while and I was wondering where she gone to.

This series, which I hope will just be 1 volume, since it’s her maiden series, comes all guns blazing, I’m excited, her art is as beautiful as ever, and there’s even improvement. Story wise, it’s cliche Japanese mystery. If you watched enough J-drama, its exactly that kind of feel. But it is still refreshing at the same time because it’s not about LOVE!

I just got the second chapter today (it was released yesterday in Japan) and it’s still coming thick and fast. Oooh, I’m so excited. 🙂 Read for yourself and see!

Be prepared to blush 😀 STAN KNK cause they are bloody talented!!