Before we get to the releases, I’m going to rant a little. If you don’t care please just scroll to the releases 😀

So, I wonder how many of you are out there watching PDX101? I mentioned before in another post, I only have 1 pick and 1 pick only, and that’s KIM KOOKHEON. I started noticing him when he was in that shit of a program called ‘Mixnine’, a PD wannabe reality program ran by JTBC and YG that ended up being a huge mess, and shafted everybody that ever joined when he cancelled the debut of the winning boys. Kookheon was not featured heavily in editing during MIXNINE, (but that was still batshit more screentime than what he got in PDX101) but even then, his abilities shines through.

I really wasn’t looking to watch another Produce, if you have been following since day 1, you’ll know last year, I was extremely salty about PD48, (still am) and I really didn’t want to go through that again. You watch a variety show for entertainment and relaxation. I shouldn’t get worked up on it. It’s a show, yes, but as a fan, you really wholeheartedly support them. While I’m not a fanatical type of fan, but I do fork out money to buy albums and such. If I can afford it, I go to the concerts.

Kookheon in PDX101 performance have been really solid from first episode. His audition was spectacular, out of the debuted trainees that auditioned, his and Yuvin’s definitely the best. I’m not even being biased about it. But the screentime are on Yuvin, even though preshow episode have Hongki of FT Island saying that Kookheon’s is the best vocalist he seen in this season’s trainees. Kookheon was graded A, maintained A during first evaluation, thus earning the nickname ‘Royal A’. The dance trainer said out of 101 trainees, his evaluation vid for the season’s track ‘X1MA’ is the best.

In the first evaluation, songs cover evaluation, I really think he got shafted. He got a GOT7 song (Okay, me as an ahgase and Kookheon stan was happy af he’s covering GOT7) but he got shafted with GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. Even me, as an ahgase, HATED that song. Its very uhh, JYP, even right down to the way the guys sang the song. And after GOT7 started producing their own song, they don’t sing like that, like JYP. He should’ve gotten another song. Unlucky from the start. But he made it work. But still, he didn’t get much votes from that. Byungchan was the winner in that. It’s again down to the popular thing. But cause of Yuvin (his member from MYTEEN) in the other group had an incident with his mike, Kookheon, who’s the super caring big bro, (sasuga our leader) cried on stage to cheer for his member who’s in the opposite team and appeal to the audience that Yuvin’s really talented. Like, HOW SELFLESS CAN THIS GUY BE?! I STAN. and I was like YASSS! He finally got some narrative and screentime!

He was the center for the 2nd evaluation, dubbed the ‘position’ evaluation. Even though he’s an acknowledge vocalist, (he’s also the main vocal in his group, MYTEEN) he picked DANCE. and SLAY it. But, did MNET editing give him any value time? How did he ended up as the center? HIS GROUP’S THE ONLY ONE WITHOUT EDITING TO SHOW HOW THEY PICK THE CENTER. Instead the narrative went to SONG DONGPYO with his ‘boohoo, I’m not manly enough for this concept’ (THEN WHY PICK THIS SHIT). Kookheon seflessly choreograph the dance concept, suggesting the wolf concept for dongpyo to shine. HONESTLY (I’m not being bias here) he danced that with an injured ankle, again, NO screentime or narrative from MNET about it, its only the eagle eyed fans spotting him wearing a leg brace. He was magnetic in ‘Believer’ (they covered Imagine Dragon’s Believer) he sang almost the whole song with GREAT pronounciation. Usually, KPOP engrish mucho cringe, but his pronounciation is great. AMAZING. LEGEND. Hard carry the team but lost in term of popularity. I can’t even.

And so, his rank dropped again, every evaluation. Not because he sucks, but cause he ain’t cute enough(?)- I thought him mighty cute okay… or young enough(?) like those popular ones? Honestly, I think its cause he’s always selflessly making other people shine and don’t try to hog the spotlight even though he’s amazingly charming in his own right. I think in both Mixnine and PDX101, his ability to BLEND while shining (does that even makes sense) really hurt his chances in this kind of programs.

Then, came the third evaluation, ‘original song concept’. He’ll perform an original song as voted by the ‘national producers’. He got a really great BOP by ZICO. When I first heard the sample, I was like OMFG, this is definitely Kookheon. However, while as a whole team, MOVE is fantastic, its a fucking legend, Kookheon was also in a group with like 4 others really high ranked popular trainees. ITS VERY TOUGH COMPETITION. While ‘NEVER’ in Season 2 will forever be the best stage ever, (Like, 6 out of 7 in team NEVER debuted in WANNAONE) MOVE’s definitely #2 but definitely still a legend in its own right. They even got the only encore of the night from the audience. But, did they win? No, because they don’t have fucking KIM YOHAN (Yohan though, I acknowledge, for a freshie trainee, he really have come a long way and really deserve that debut spot) or Wooseok (like, wooseok stans, hate me all you want, but Kookheon is better vocals wise and dance wise, but I acknowledge his (Wooseok’s) face is the kind that people fancy more, so thats why for the popularity, plus he was already mighty popular in Up10tion…)

I hate how MNET doesn’t really give enough voting time after the 3rd evaluation airs. They just shoot the elimination like 2 days? I think right after evaluation… Kookheon traction came too late. Ha Sungwoon support came too late. Everything came too late. Because he was already eliminated by then. He was ranked 21. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. Only the top 20 remains.

I feel so bitter. Like, why make them work so hard in this, and not even fair screentime? I get you need to edit for screentime cause of time constraint, at least, give plenty of behind the scenes footage on youtube or vlive. Like, they, every each trainee trained hard in your shitty exploitation program, MNET. They don’t even get much royalty off the songs…. you get the lion share. and they get injured from these punishing schedules. This shit is rigged. I’m not saying this cause I’m salty, but it’s so obvious, they don’t even bother to hide it anymore as the seasons passes.

In the end, he just debut 2 years ago, in that short span of time, he already did 2 survival shows. Why is the company not promoting them more? Producing an Idol group cost a lot, you put them into debt, you put yourself into debt, promote them more. Musicworks, you really sucks, wasting these guys’ time. You don’t deserve any of the guys in MYTEEN.

I have not really passionately supports someone in a long time like I did Kookheon. Like, honestly, I don’t really go to forums and whatnot and spazz over the groups i support. I made some comments here and there, and try to promote here on my own site with the release post. Uusually just a MV. I’m not even the type to like write letters to oppa and stuff… but this time, I’m really determine to support Kookheon. I wish him success. I dearly wish him to success…. He moves me with his talents, his sincerity, and his selflessness. I need this perfect hexagonal guy to succeed, if not, life’s really unfair…

SO, if you like KPOP, or are just kind of finding out about KPOP through BTS, please explore more other groups, especially those underrated and from small companies group. KPOP aren’t just about BTS. (Too many people on that BTS hype train, well deserved, but still, there’s more to kpop than BTS, get out there and explore!)

So, that’s for the rant.

1. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru #2

Finally, the Kaze chapter a lot of you have been waiting for. I’m sorry it took so long. I get email enquiries from time to time asking me when am I going to release XXX, but Kaze really is the one people ask about the most.

Sorry for the wait, but the redraws was painful for Velo, and I don’t want to pressure her because that’s not how I roll, and so I let her take her time to finish. I’m not saying it’s her fault this took 5 months to complete, but hey, the redraws are painful, and she did it so flawlessly you won’t even notice it, so give thanks to VELO, without her, without Das, without Reversinator, without Chiasa (WELCOME ON BOARD), this chapter will not exist.

I will try to do a few more chapters soon. I do want to complete this as soon as possible.

2. Oh! Men! Chapter 12 to 13.5

There’s also more chapters of Oh! Men! Chapter 13.5 is a side story of Aya-sensei recommendations of Osaka food to try. I cannot pass this opportunity up to recommend more food since I live in Osaka, hahaha!

Besides what sensei recommended, I want to add to the list, if you ever come to Osaka,

1. The grilled KUSAMOCHI from Kuromon Market. There’s an old lady selling it. It’s legit. It’s fresh and piping hot. Your life will never be the same after tasting a grilled kusa/yomogi mochi.

2. Ramen. Forget Ichiran. Forget about Kinryu. Forget Ippudo. What you want is Hanamaruken at Houzenji. It’s also open 24 hours like Ichiran, but it has this bloody amazing slow cooked pork rib ramen (Called the ‘Double Happiness Ramen‘). It’s going to be a long queue. But its well worth your time. Ichiran doesn’t even come close.

Alternatively, you can try Yasichi for their buttery rich shoyu ramen. It’s legit. It’s located in Nakatsu. You still got to queue. 😀

3. CREO-RU half cooked egg with spring onion takoyaki. JUST ORDER IT AND THANK ME LATER.

4. You want sushi? HARUKOMA at Tenjinbashisuji shopping street. GENEROUS AND CHEAP. THAT’S RIGHT.

5. Chao Chao Gyoza. This gyoza chain really makes very delicious gyoza. They are located in quite a few places in Osaka, so a quick google will help. I recommend the ‘Chao chao gyoza’ and the ‘Debasaki gyoza’ (stuffed chicken wing gyoza. ITS AMAZING ORDER MORE THAN 2 FFS)

3. Kitsune Bijou Bukotsuna Ryoushi #1&2

I seem to be cornering the market for these really short chapters manga LOL

This is a really cute, slightly ecchi comedy manga (each chapter are about 4 page long) about this really solemn and dull hunter and this super cute fox chick. There’ll be a lot of cute foxes as the chapter progresses.

I am TL-ing this from the tankobon(Volume) but the chapters continue past the volume on the artist’s pixiv…. So, I’m not sure if this will get another volume, the pixiv quality are really bad compared to the volume size… but so far, this seems to be a 1 volume.

And now, I’m going to spam some Kookheon’s vid. Please check it out if you are interested. Please. <3

I highly highly highly highly recommend this song.

Lastly, to read the chapters, please click HERE. See you guys next post!