1. Kimi ni wa Todokanai Chapter 1

ISTG, I didn’t plan to release so soon again. I was really planning to give my hand a break before revving my engine again… So, you got Velo to thanks for this 😀 I didn’t expect her to finish this fast, and also I had this chapter translated quite a while ago, but the raws on PIXIV was just too horrible to use, and I’m glad I waited for the volume, and big big thanks to DAS…my raw provider, the quality to this…. Mmmph! Mama mia!

I know i mentioned before that I don’t like school setting BL, but this give me such good Mita Ori vibes, I just love it…even if it’s going to be more than 1 volume…

2. Haru no Hitoe Chapter 4

This was also another one that I had script ready for a while and gasp, I forgot about it… Luckily, I remembered and was like, why not, let’s do this together with ‘Kimi ni wa Todokanai’ since it’s just 4 pages long.

Anyway, these ‘prelude’ chapters are coming to an end, from Chapter 6 onwards, the stories will start to get a bit more fantastical and darker (kinda).

ISTG, after this, I’m really going to rest my hand! See in you in a month (or two, I hope not)

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