Gaikotsu Shoten-in Honda-san

I did it… Volume 1 of ‘Gaikotsu Shoten-in Honda-san’ completed before YENPRESS publish theirs.

So, in case you don’t know, this was licensed and announced by YENPRESS back in January and are scheduled for a July 2019 release by them. Well, I’m assuming the first volume anyway, or are they going to do all 4 at once? Not sure.

Anyway, if you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll know that I don’t do anything that’s been licensed, and it really pains me to see this one licensed to YENPRESS, but then it doesn’t really matter who’s licensing it, most official English translation sucks to look at because they’re mostly stuck in the Stone Age mindset when it comes to typesetting.

I’m looking forward to the official, partly because I want to compare my translation with a ‘real’ translator, and there are many points in these chapters where, to be real, I wasn’t really satisfied and even not sure on some parts if I’m delivering it as the author wrote it. But then, if you have read this, you’ll also know, the lettering effects in this are no joke. I’m curious to see how much of a trainwreck it is, or will YENPRESS actually surpass my expectations (like, honestly, I have none lol).

Or you know, YENPRESS, you could hire me to letter the rest of the Honda volumes… 😀
I don’t know if I’m going to be strike by them when they release their volume or not, and I don’t know if I want to continue or not, it really depends on how ugly their version is…

I’m really glad I got it out, it’s been hell to translate and typeset this. I’m doing my already damaged hand no favour with rushing out these chapters… by Chapter 6, I was ready to throw my tablet pen at my computer screen because of YET another word I need to hand letter… but thank God, after the trial that was chapter 5&6, the latter 2 chapters was a breeze through. I actually got them through in one night.

And so, this is the last of the release for a while, I’m out of things to publish. See you all in the next release post 🙂

Shout out to NCT 127’s ‘Firetruck’ for sustaining me through these chapters’ insane typeset.

To read the chapters, please click HERE!