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In this release post, its the culmination of a few other stuff that I’d been working on for a while, the first one the update to “Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai‘ (Chapter 3 & 4) in the time since I first posted this, there’d been a JDRAMA for this! I’ve yet to watch it, I don’t really have much time haha, but if you are one of those that are following this manga and are impatiently to know more of the story, do check out the drama and tell me how it goes! Also, big thanks again to Kim for typesetting chapter 3.

Official Drama Website

2. FUDE TO KIZU by Sajima Katana

‘FUDE TO KIZU’ translated to ‘Brush and Scar’, is a Seinen oneshot set in the Edo Period. It is a simple love story, I like the art style and I also loved the fact that it’s a oneshot set in EDO!… I personally find it hard to find a oneshot in such setting… This is an adult love story with a teensy bit of smut.

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