I’m back again with a cat centric story and it’s going to be very sad before it gets good (I hope…it’s still ongoing so I don’t know if it will be good lol) A chapter of Oh! Men! (I’m trying to finish up this one) and another chapter of Haru no Hitoe. Recently, I’ve been on some drama binge, I was late to the crowd, but I binged ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ in 5 days LOL
It’s really a very good chinese drama! I really love the interaction between the heroine and the Emperor… it’s not cloying romance which is a breath of fresh air! Also the costumes, they are actually quite historically accurate, which is also very fascinating to see… I highly recommend it even if you’ve never watched any chinese drama before. If you’re going to watch one, make it Story of the Yanxi Palace 🙂
Now, after Yanxi, I’m counting down to Produce X 101…. so goodbye my quality translation time.

My right hand is still not fully recovered, but since I have slowed down my translation pace by a lot, the pain did get better. If you are a capable and experienced person, I’m still looking for a typesetter than can cover for me and also a backup redrawer for Velo.

About 50cm (Go-juu senchi) no Isshou, what attracted me about the story the realism of how it is portraying these stray cats. Back home, we’ve got SIX cats ourselves, we all love cats, but my dad is a certified cat nut that doesn’t know when to stop… and all of our furbabies are rescued/adopted. I wanted to tell this story because its a story for all of us that love our pets, not just cats. Nanao’s background is actually quite sad. It will be revealed in 2 more chapters, if and when I get to it… (I cried the whole first volume, lets just say that).

I hope you guys like this one. Tell it to your friends! Next update when it comes, will be about some long long over due stories. As usual, to read my translations, please click HERE. See you on the next one.