Hello again! 久しぶり皆さん~ How’s everyone doing? I’m currently nursing a bad a fever and cold for the past one week. Changes in weather sucks!! But then again, I always fall sick in spring.

So, for the releases this time, I’d done it in a time where my level of sobriety is quite questionable. If they translations are weird and the typeset are greatly lacking effort. I’m so sorry *blows nose*

So, I have mentioned before that I love Mita Ori-sensei and I’d also mentioned before that to try and translate her work is actually quite a competitive effort. Well, first come first serve as always… While it seems like I have no luck with her serializations, I do seem to have all the luck with her oneshots. Today, I’m bringing you THREE (yes, my friends) oneshots by Mita Ori-sensei. Are you guys prepared for the assault of feels?

1. Sakura no Awai (Shounen-Ai)

‘Sakura no Awai’ was published in Daria few years ago, it’s very very vague vanilla BL and tells the story of how his yearning for his dead senpai lead our MC to seek out an exorcism. It’s a very soft and gentle love story.

2. Go-gatsu no koto (Yuri)

It’s a very short oneshot and it’s YURI! But it’s so vanilla and fluffy. Yeokshi uri Mita-sensei~ I would love to see this fleshed out. I wouldn’t mind translating it! This is from the recently published anthology, ‘Yuliquer: Alcohol X Yuri’. I won’t be translating the rest of this anthology though, if you’re interested in it, feel free to do so.

3. Sensei wa Mada Yume no Tochuu (Josei)

Last oneshot by Mita Ori-sensei is called ‘Sensei wa Mada Yume no Tochuu’. This was published in BELOVE a few years ago as well, and I really do feel lucky unearthing all these oneshots hohoho…
It’s cliche, but the feels are there, maybe some motivational values as well. Please read and enjoy them!

4. Bokura no Complex-Tonogaya Miyuki

This is another short oneshot by the author of ‘Dandara Gohan’. I’m interested to translate it, but it’s about 4 volumes ongoing right now, I am already choking myself with all these series, so it’s not possible for now or is it something
I need 😛 It’s about a short boy who feel inferior about his height and a tall girl who feel that her height is her complex.
And oh yeah, this is not translated by me, it’s translated by Kurenai from Lovely Strange Dark
It just so happened she was interested in this (She said our tastes clashes a lot LOL) as was I. I did procure the raws first and had done the edits-was planning to release it together with all the Mita Ori’s oneshots, but she was kind enough to translate it when I asked! So there you go! Thanks Kure!

Well, that’s it for this round, now I can really rest peacefully and hope this annoying cold go away soon.

As usual, to read all these lovely stories that I translated, please click HERE! Ending this post with this lovely track from EXO CHEN’s fantastic solo album. I think if you read the stories while listening to this, the feels will be x1000 🙂