Release #14 2019

Hullo again! I’m back with another chapter of ‘Genderless Danshi ni Aisereteimasu’ or by it’s official shortname ‘GenAi”!
With this chapter, it will be a while before I update again as I need to do some massive update on some other titles. BTW, this chapter is related to last chapter. There’s some realist stuff there in the dialogue, especially as a Kpop Trash… I can really empathise the fan-idol symbiosis relationship…

Oh, and to anyone following KPOP, you guys heard the news about PRODUCE X 101?!!!

FML… look, I am STILL salty over Produce 48….btw, I’m excited about Takeuchi Miyu signing with Mystic, and Takahashi Juri signing with Woolim…To be honest I’m not really excited about Woolim, cause I think they don’t really promote their artists well…but at least Juri is going to debut, and I swore last time I won’t like watch another Idol survival show again, I actually did good, like, YG Treasure Box? NOPE. Under 19? NOPE. Dancing High? NOPE. But then I saw MYTEEN is going on Produce X, so there goes my resolution…

MYTEEN KIM GUKHEON (AWESOME MAIN VOCAL) IS REALLY TALENTED!!! Two members from MYTEEN participated (Yuvin and Gukheon) and they both got into A CLASS!!! wjdlkwhldwljwjlr Because people keep sleeping on talents, so they have to do go on survival after survival… (Gukheon were previously on MixNINE-I’m salty about that, but then that’s another rant by itself… and it’s too old to bring up lol) Anyhow, prepare for some rants and stuff here when the show begin airing LOL

As usual, click HERE to read the chapter, I’ll be back soon with some new stuff! Ending the post with MYTEEN’s debut song. (I really like this song)