Hello, everyone! I made it in time for White Day! Happy White Day,

and I’m here with something new that I’d been holding on to it for a while… A brief explanation, I really love the art by this mangaka, and I am amazed nobody translated anything of hers at all. I do understand it is quite niche, and it is not easy to translate, but still, wow…

Anyway, this is an adaptation of one of the novella by Classic Japanese literature master, Hori Tatsuo. The manga’s narrations are word for word from the novella, using old Japanese and the story is set in early 1900s France. So, I had this smart idea to translate it in Edwardian English. Yup. me and my ‘smart ideas’

I tried my best, I was out of my depth, but stuck to my guns as a challenge. They are really short chapters, you’ll probably go through it in a flash, but the translation of this was a really long process for me. I had to make sure a lot of the words and phrases used are period appropriate, and thanks to that, I’d learned a lot from this! Do you know the phrase “hang in there” wasn’t a thing until the 1970s?! I’m so mindblown LOL

I forgot to mentioned, I bought a scanner last month, I scanned some stuff (to the reader waiting for A-Answer, I’m working on it!!!) and again, I’m slowing down greatly because my right hand is hurting like crazy and I thank you all for your patience in waiting for the translations. I’m also STILL looking for that awesome MARVEL AVENGER LEVEL typesetter. Please get me someone. If you want to read my translations faster, let everyone know I need a typesetter!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE! (If you know of someone, tell them to drop me a line!)

TFW you have translated scripts but can’t type cause your hand hurts like crazy

As usual, to read the chapters, please click this LINK! See you next time, (Find me a typesetter!!!!)