How is it going, everyone?! Been a while since my last post. I have been kind of in a slump, big time procrastinating, I guess. LOL (Also binging on a lot of EXO videos hehehe) Basically, I had translated some stuff, but I couldn’t bring myself to typeset them, and even with translation, I was slower than usual… Hmm, I guess I’m having some kind of mini burn out and same old story, my right hand is still hurting………..

So, I am looking for a typesetter. Singular. I know it’s pretty impossible to find someone to match my requirement. But looking for:

  1. Experienced. Your level must at least match my typeset. (Which is not hard)
  2. Own a graphic tablet. Sometimes, I require some handrawn SFX on some stuff I’m translating
  3. Can be on call, Discord is a must
  4. Can commit to around 10+ chapters a month.
  5. You have to typeset everything I translate, no pick and choose. I cover a lot of genres. So you must be comfortable with everything.
  6. Passionate individual might help make things easier.

So yeah, like I’d said, I know its near impossible to find someone like that, still, I am putting it out there that I need someone… but just to let you guys know, what I’d listed are my own monthly output, where I did my own typeset. So, if I can do it, maybe there’s someone beastly person out there that can too… Also, Serious Applicants Only, if not, let’s not waste each other’s time. And yes, I’m only looking for ONE person. I don’t want multiple people to do this because I’m not a group. I been mostly solo for a reason, because managing people is hard and I suck. But until my hand can heal properly, I decided to outsource for the moment. Either that or my translations will be slower than it already is.

Back to the release, finally a chapter of Genderless Danshi ni Aisareteimasu for those that are waiting. I have chapter 4 translated as well, but that needed some redraws, so it will appear in a later date. And, I finally realised that the “genderless” in this is a fashion trend in Japan, where guys and boys dressed androgynous-ly (to be honest, when I was looking at the pics of these popular insta genderless ‘stars’ I didn’t think they are very andro… but what do I know? I am an unfashionable person LOL

Together with this, are two chapters of Oh! Men! As usual, head over to the READER to read it! See you all next time 🙂