I’m back with the next release I was talking about in the previous release post! When you complete a title, it’s natural to start a new one! Hahaha, my lame excuse for picking up so much stuff…

Someone asked me recently, why so many, yea well… I have a problem, i admit. There’s just so many manga that needs to be translated. Ugh…

Anyhow, if you have been following anime by the season, you’ll come across this one, ‘Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru’ aka ‘Run with the Wind’. I really love this anime, the feels, oh my god, I have cried almost every episode…. The episode where ‘Ouji’ finally bonded with Kakeru, finally made me decided to pick it up… before that, I was still undecided, cause of several factors…

  1. This is a 10 year old manga… yes (it ended its’ run in 2009), so it wasn’t easy to find out of print manga. I could scour every secondhand bookshop, but its not a sure thing to have… IDK, is it not popular enough?! I have to say, the me 10 years ago would not have appreciated the art style of this… I have to say it’s still not the kind of art I dig, but story is 10/10
  2. I managed to find the whole 6 volumes on yahoo japan auction, rakuten, and even amazon jp, but they batshit expensive. And I have to debind it after??? WOW… so i had a really hard time deciding if I really need to pay so much to destroy it…
  3. There’s only 1 site in this whole digital universe that sells this digitally. YES I AM NOT JOKING. Thanks to Das who delivered with the raws, I’m able to translate this!

And seriously, why no one did this 10 years ago? Miura Shion really writes nice novels… I’m interested in ‘The Great Passage’ as well… but that’s also another story…. maybe in the near future… haha

Anyway, if you have been watching the anime and are disappointed about the difference of art style of this vs the anime, well, its a 10 years old manga, the art style is expected, right? I have read this all the way to the end, (I CRIED TRUCK LOADS) and man, I am really excited to SLOWLY (well you know me, I got too much going on, lol while I release constantly, I have to cycle through them all, so it all takes a while) bring it to completion.

It’s not going to look like this, sorreh

Also, big big thanks to Velo for redrawing this, there’s really so much to redraw here, and the double pages, they all don’t line up (that’s mostly the problem with old digital manga) and so she have to really redraw a lot for this. I wanted to do 2 chapters at once for a meatier read, but I feel guilty to make Velo do so much at once, so I am letting her pace herself.
Velo, if you’re reading this, thank you again and I <3 you.

reusing this gif cause Chen’s too cutie

The chapter is also checked by Gravity to make sure I don’t bring my regular dodgy English to this masterpiece. 😀 Appreciate Gravity offering to help me out with the proofreading as I do have a complex about it. The thing about being multilingual, you slowly start losing vocab in all the languages you know. LOL

Anyway, to read the first chapter, please click HERE and I’ll leave you with the latest song from another KPOP group that I stan, they are called ONF. ITS A GREAT SONG! ADHWKLDHWKHF I BOUGHT IT THE MOMENT IT CAME OUT ON ITUNES THIS EVENING!