Been a week since last release, how’s everyone going? Happy Lunar New Year to everyone that’s currently celebrating!

I planned to release this as the 3 days delay for the previous releases timed out, but my right hand relapsed again, so I had to take it easy for a few extra days 🙁

So, today’s release is a wrapped up of ‘Ano Ko ni Yasashii Sekai ga ii’. The third chapter is more yuri themed, but you won’t really see it. Once again, it is with inception-ish pacing just like chapter 2, so when you read it, don’t be confused, just pay more attention to their uniform (when are they wearing high school uniform, and when are they wearing middle school uniform) when reading the dialogue.

I kind of hate every single character in this. LOL Won’t spoil it for you guys, but maybe you might understand why when you read it.

The next 2 chapters consist of an interlude to the final chapter and the final chapter itself. This is a cute little story. If I have to rank all the stories in this anthology, I would say it goes like this: first chapter, fourth chapter, second chapter, and chapter three.

I’ll have another release tomorrow, in the meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this, and I’m glad something else is finally completed! YAY!

As usual, to read them, please click HERE!