I’m back again! As January draws to a close, (uwu, the time flies by so fast, I haven’t even properly touch much of my Valentine’s stuff.. THIS IS SO BAD!) I am snucking one more post for the month! Wow, maybe it’s thanks to ‘Oh! Men!’, (even though its short, they are still a chapter each by itself, and a few also posed some challenging redraws!) I’ve managed to release 14 individual chapters this month! Wew wew, it feels more productive than doing bulk release… Hmmmmm

Anyway, I’ve got 3 chapters to blurb about.

1. LiliWords (Shounen, Scifi)

This is my #2 release for my Valentine’s ‘Love Series’. While romance is not the main focus here, I was attracted by the ‘love’ in this one shot about the man’s depth of love for his wife. The art is beautiful, some scenes reminds me of ‘Karneval’ and I absolutely love the cover art!

While some part of the translations still feel funny, I’m having self doubt with those physics stuff, and I frankly am not sure if ‘Protoscience’ is a good word, but I do think it beats having to translate ‘mikagaku’ as ‘pseudoscience’ (which I don’t think it fits).

2. Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san #4

Oh yes, I was planning to put this out with chapter 3, but this has some tricky redraws, (well you wouldn’t notice, thanks again once more to the wonderful Velo,) so it wasn’t possible, and also the typeset… AMAIGAWD…
I did TWENTY FIVE handwritten text & sfx in this one…

Coincidentally though, Honda-san (the author) has batshit fugly hard to read handwriting, and I personally too, am the same… so, recreating most of the handwritten sfx and text was quite easy! At last, my ugly handwriting actually has a use LOLOLOL

3. Oh! Men! #8

Lastly, one more chapter of Oh! Men! served right up!! Did anyone ever try any of the recipes so far, amaigaaaaawd…. I really want to seeee /sob

And as usual, you can read all of them HERE! Next release will be the last 2 chapters of something I’m translating! See ya then!!