How you lovelies doing? I been procrastinating a bit, hibernating mostly, cause it’s cold. I slept so much recently, I feel kind of bad… probably could have done more if I didn’t sleep haha…

Today, I’m posting 2 more chapters of Oh! Men! for those that follows this “cooking manga”, that makes it 7 chapters in total and we’re 1/4 through! Actually I uploaded chapter 5 few days ago, but didn’t make a post… I ended up sleeping and forgot it LOL

Then, I have chapter 4 of Yasashii Hikari as well, and with this, it marks the end of Volume one! I can’t say enough how much I love this manga, its very mundane, yet all the events happening are relatable one way or another.

When I was translating this chapter, it made me think of my own parents so so much. You know how when we’re young, we’re mostly just way too caught up in ourselves to really see the perspective of anyone else, especially our parents. They say ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, I say that and also complacency. Most of the time, if not always, maybe, we just take our parents for granted.

It’s really not like a turning point, there’s loads of other stories which portrays the dynamic of parent-child better, but at that wistful moment, it crossed my mind, as I have gone through similar issue of not knowing what to do, go on to uni, but still don’t know if that’s what I want to do. Searching for what I wanted to do…
Reflecting back, I was very much focused on myself, and in that small pocket of time, where I was translating this, I was thinking ‘ah. maybe my dad was thinking the same way too…’

To read on, please click HERE, and as usual, I’ll see you all next post!
To end this, I leave you with a song that I feel is an apt title to close off.