Before we go into the release, I just want to show you all this funniest spam I’ve gotten in a long, long time… LOL

I really like how it says “I’M DEAD SERIOUS!
and this part, ‘Don’t try to deceive me‘ and ‘Don’t cheat me!

I guess this makes a refreshing change from those princes of nigeria, or some princess from zulu or whatever… bahahaha


So, another daily release of ‘Oh! Men!’, not sure how I go with the next two chapters… (some craaaazy redraw there), yet another friendly and easy recipe… Ramen salad, but using the soup sachet powder that comes with instant noodles… I guess it’s like pasta salad, but using ramen (instant noodles)…. Japanese really like this kind of stuff sometimes… it’s very prevalent…

To read the chapter, head over to HERE! See you again soon 🙂