Release #3 2019

I mentioned last post that Shobo Shobo Man will be replacing a series that’s coming to an end, and that is “Risou no Koi no Sono Ato Ni“. Sorry for taking so long with a 4 chapters short series, I’m personally glad I brought this to a close, (one less thing for me, haha)…

On another news, maybe some of you have seen it, some of you ain’t, but apparently YEN PRESS has licensed ‘Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san’. OKAY. I’m really gutted… as I don’t want to do licensed stuff…but they are also only releasing Volume 1 in July…so I guess I have time, so I will at least translate up til end of Volume 1… and since it’s also YEN PRESS… I’ll be waiting to see if they do some nice typeset for Honda….Like, I’m not saying I did an awesome job for Honda, but… from my experience, I HAVE YET to see some good looking typeset from YEN PRESS… I hope it’s great looking…if not I’m going to be so triggered…so very triggered………

While Honda is a pain in the ass to translate, to redraw, to typeset, I dearly love this series, it’s like my pet, I even insist on proofreading to make sure it’s as befitting as can be…yunno…so I’ll try to make the coming chapters > Yen Press. HAH
To be honest, I got the translation done up til chapter 4…but Velo met some computer problems, so redraws for chapter 4 aren’t done… debating to release just chapter 3 only or wait for chapter 4… (but i am still injured… HMMM…)

Ahh…okay, maybe should not talk about Honda on a release post that’s about something else…

There’s actually some words from the author at the end of chapter 4 for Risou no Koi no Sono Ato ni…but I’m like tired… on a good day, I probably do it, since I like to be completionist if possible… but it’s been a lot of travelling in the past month, my hand is still injured and a little bit swollen… I probably shouldn’t be scanlating… but here I am… DEFINITELY A SADOMASOCHIST.

Together with this, is also another short chapter of “Haru no Hitoe”. You’ve seen Spring in the first chapter, now let us welcome Summer in the second.

As usual, to read these chapters, please follow the link HERE. See you again soon 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the releases! Haru no Hitoe is so cute and I’m a sucker for animals that walk on two legs. That’s so sad about Honda-san! I knew you put a lot of work into it. 🙁 I mean it’s good for the author, but it seems like the quality with some of the translation companies has gone down lately, so it’s difficult to see something you put a lot of time into get butchered. I guess it’s because they’ve gotten a foothold in the market and have to release more quickly now. I bought a digital copy of a manga the other day and whoever did it, really didn’t do well on the SFX either (I live in the South and anyone who lives near cicadas in summer knows they don’t chirp, they’re more like clouds of death, buzzing from sunrise to sunset -_-;; god knows I wish they chirped like crickets instead of being scaring you when you walk near one). I hope they do it justice though.

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