Second release of the year is a new series that will be replacing another series that’s ending in the next release! Why I don’t post that first, I never know…but this is the one that I completed first…

Anyhow, it’s a FULL COLOUR, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER CUTE (SHO CUTE I WANT TO DIE KIND OF CUTE) 4 KOMA (my first 4koma pickup!) about a cute little soybean called ‘Shobo Shobo Man’ (Shobo-shobo means like lifeless / no energy)

Would you look at this cuteness?! uWu

As mentioned just now, this will be a replacement for another series I’m doing that will be ending (Pray tell, which one?! LOL)

You will know in the next release!

Oh yeah, I was kinda disappointed that the previous release didn’t get much comments or likes… Not that I’m like dying for it, but it just feels like lukewarm reaction…not even lukewarm… sooooper chilly

Are people that against that kind of setting with that kind of protagonist? Sometimes, it’s a story that needs to be told too. And boy, the comments on Mangadex for ‘Watashi no Kanojo wa Otokonoko’ are really a lot of hate mongering… well, I’m disappointed, I think sometimes people should really be more accepting.

But anyway, to read this cute 4-koma, please check the link HERE.
Have a good day, everyone.