I’m back with part two of my Christmas releases! Just in time 🙂 Second part of the releases are mostly fluffy stories. They only have one purpose, to make you feel fluffy.

1. Yasashii Te (BL Oneshot)

This is the first of the two one shots I’ll be releasing from mangaka, Kouda Miu. I first came across her work in B’s Lovely Recottia and have been following her works in .Bloom. This is another one of those where I had hold on to for over 2 years lol I’m so glad it’s finally out.

2. 10-nen gou ni Agatta, Ano Hi no Ame (BL Oneshot)

This is the most recent one shot from Kouda-sensei. Iirc, was last year’s September issue of Ihr Hertz (The yellow cover with ‘Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai’). Well, I like this one more than ‘Yasashii Te’ simply because it’s an office setting (my fetish), and I like the sentiments here more than the previous one.

3. Renai Flag 0 Joshi no Meisou (not your typical enough Shoujo by a BL author)

My favourite man thirsty gurl is back! Sorry for all that been waiting. I should do more of this… lol I really like this. It’s not your typical shoujo. There’s only happy ending in this if you have a dick and the facial expressions in this manga is 100/10.

If you have never read this, please give it a try. Don’t let the shoujo tag deter you. The comedy in this is great!

4. Hamabe no Happy Kuso Night (Shoujo Ai)

The release of this taught me something. Never say never! Lol…

I never imagine one day I will do a yuri release… (99% of the time I have no interest at all in Yuri). But I come across this author on Twitter and love her art style… This was suppose to be a double release, but frustratingly, her earlier one shot was released by someone else, so I had to scrape that (translated too…ugh) Her art in some angles, reminded me of BL author, Kuki Wakame… Guess that’s what makes me like it. The story is just fluff…Have fun 😀

5. Oseyo, Hatsukoi (Shoujo, Oneshot)

Now, this is nothing else but a pure shoujo. I just thought that this is an apt story to release at this time of the year. I mean, look at the cover. It says merry christmas!!

To read these chapters, please use the LINK here. As always, if you don’t see them yet, I’m uploading. Also, currently FANFOX/MANGAFOX, is scraping me. I have blocked their IPs many times, but I know it’s not the way to go, since they can just use VPN, etc… But if you can, don’t support their sites. (Including, Mangahere, which is their sister site). They couldn’t even give me the decency of 3 days to guide some traffic to my website. Even Kissmanga with more aids and more deplorable don’t scrape my site.

And lastly, once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The next time we meet, it’ll be 2019!