Release #10 2018

When you see the title, you know whatsup! Got my new laptop earlier than expected! Woohoo~

Actually, I planned to fix up the website while on holidays after I posted my Christmas releases, but as you guys know, things didn’t turn out how I wanted. So, my website is still wonky, and I’m still not done with my Christmas releases.

Not done?! Then what’s this post about? Well, not fully done….
This will be part one of the releases.

1. Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Chapter 2 & 3.

It’s here. It’s finally here! Yeet~ I made the effort to do an appendix for almost all the translation notes for these chapters… I think more trouble than it is worth, LOL…it’s like an extra chapter on its own. But I think it looks kind of nice… Just kind of… I am not some DTP pro, but I thought it be cute if I do like a food magazine spread for the notes since it’s a food related manga. See and read for yourself and tell me if you guys enjoy it.

2. Haru no Hitoe Chapter 1

Aaaand, what’s me without picking up something new right? LOL…
So, here it is… I had my eyes on it for a while, but it was kind of expensive, but then they dropped the price few weeks ago by half , so I guessed it was meant to be… LOL It’s whimsical, SOL, supernatural… transformations, and TALKING FOXES. I’m done. 😛


I have hold on to this one shot for two years, and it is finally seeing the light! This was published before Emoto sensei begin her current serialization (Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo) which I loves (it is also being picked up for an anime! Woot woot~)

This one is for the feels. I love the message in it. While this is a narration from the MC, do enjoy the art, (sensei draw such lovely girls) and look at the expressions of the characters involved for the story untold.

4. Fuseikai no Shiro Madoushi (One shot)

Another one shot, this is a little fantasy story about a boy wanting to follow his father’s path to be a white mage healer. I like the art and thought it’s cute. You can see that it’s totally my style haha

Alright, so this is it for part one. Want to give a shoutout to Velosiped, who helped me proofread and redraw some of the stuff you are reading here. She’s my reader who also happened to be a scanlator (amazingly talented redrawer) that contacted me with her help! 🙂

Ahh, I typeset non stop, I think my right wrist and arm is going to break… ughhh… you can expect part 2 in about 2 days…(I Think) Definitely will try to make it before Christmas.

To read, please click on this LINK (If you don’t see them, I’m still currently uploading)

6 thoughts on “Release #10 2018

  1. Great work on the new releases! Yay more Rokuhoudou! I really needed that for the holidays, haha. Please don’t worry about taking your time and take care of yourself! If I knew how to typeset I’d offer to help, I know it’s a big job. I just started proofreading for some BL releases so if you ever need some extra help shoot me a message! I actually find it weirdly relaxing, but I know your hand must feel differently, haha. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

    1. Ohhh, which group are you attached to? I want to check out your work 😀
      I definitely have some pain right now in my mouse hand…its cause i’m actually on vacay and can only typeset during the night…so i am in a rush LOL
      i did this 5 chapters including the appendix in 2 nights…guessed i did strain it a bit… but after this release, there won’t be any release next month (maybe)… because i want to start including ads (just some small ones) on website, maybe i won’t do bulk anymore… still got that patreon (i am now thinking Ko-fi instead) to set up… And thanks so much for always leaving me a message <3 Happy Holidays to you too!

      1. Here’s the first release I worked on under the name Galaxy:

        It’s been a while since I proofread regularly in college so I was a little rusty but I really like how it turned out considering I rushed it out in a day. There are some others but they haven’t been cleaned or typeset yet so I’ve just got my part of the work done, haha. So they won’t be released until around the end of the month or first of January. I really like Tadareta Koi so far so I can’t wait to work on more. (Country bumpkin moves to the city, right up my alley~~)

        On a side note, speaking of BL, check out the new artist Sumiya Kei. I’ve been recommending her to everyone and trying to get someone to work on her stuff and let me proofread since I love her art and it’s so pretty. (The attention to background detail that I’ve seen in the first few pages of Niji wa Yako ni Kirameku is something I really appreciate. And that story premise!)

        Omg no that’s so much! I’m a perfectionist for grammar and punctuation so I end up spending hours on just a couple a chapters so I can’t imagine typesetting that much in that little amount of time. So definitely rest up for a while! Definitely do what works best for you! I’m sure weekly or bi-weekly single releases would be easier on you. Ko-fi or even Paypal is great especially for people like me who have a tight income and can’t donate on a regular basis but love to support scanlation. But there’s no reason you can’t do all of them either!

        No problem! I love the work you do and I really appreciate that you put that extra work in like the info at the end of Rokuhoudou for people who don’t know as much about the culture unlike us. I’m always a fan of teaching people new stuff! Thanks for the holiday wishes! I’m celebrating earlier this year because of my boyfriend’s schedule so this weekend will be busy!

  2. I’d been eyeing Haru no Hitoe myself for a while, so thanks very much for picking it up! Shiro Madoushi looks nice as well. And of course, new Rokuhoudou is always welcome!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Oh! If you are, sorry about that. I guess we both have good taste 😀
      Yeah! I like to dig out all these (what I called) little gems of artist that’s not popular or mainstream. While I’m never be on like Meraki or Jaimini Box level for insane views, etc… I think I’m happy in my little niche here covering stories like these. All it matters is just doing what you like! Do you like the appendix i did for rokuhoudou?! (can see i am really dying for feedback here, right? ahahah)

      1. Oh, whoops, I think I phrased that wrong. I meant to read, not to scanlate ^_^

        And, yep, the appendix is nice. But it seems like a lot of work, so… I can’t really say I hope that you’ll continue. Only if it’s not too much trouble!

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