Hey all you lovelies, how is it going? I’m just popping in for some quick news to let you all know what’s up with me currently.

See, today is actually the day I planned to release my xmas releases, but I’ve been in a string of bad luck recently. Firstly, 4 one shots, 2 of them I had translated and planned for xmas were released by someone else… It broke my heart to see Marina Abe being translated by someone else, but the other person that did it, they did a good job on the translations, so I picked up my broken pieces and have to redo some other translations to fit into my christmas schedule.

But then, comes another blow, this time a huge one… few days ago, while I was editing, my comp died. This time for good.

So, I have 10 chapters worth of reading for you guys lined up, but they are yet to be typeset. The next day, I quickly went to buy a used comp, but I just bought a really cheap litebook because of budget and I tried typesetting with it, which brought me to this post.

While this litebook is okay for me to do translations, I think using photoshop is pushing it. Also, I noticed how the screentones of my edits looks real whacked and weird displayed on this comp… I don’t know if it’s because this litebook is very old, so the rendering looks really horrible/shitty/etc, but I’m afraid of messing them up. That’s why, I completely stopped trying to do typeset with this right now. I don’t want to save them and they ended up looking really crappy…

Today, I put in an order for a new comp. But, it will only arrive around the end of the working week next week. I will need to set up the comp again…(I even did it with this one, installing old Photoshop… setting up website login stuff, reader login stuff, etc.. it takes at least half a day for just bare minimum…)

So, my releases will be delayed…I hope really in that time, nobody release anymore stuff I have already prepared… (I’m actually really worried and anxious)

Also, I’m looking to setup a Patreon. I know this is like every other translation site out there, but I badly need some extra support, and if you like what I have been doing so far, once I set it up, please consider supporting me if you think I deserved it. Haha, I don’t know how else to phrase it.

See you all lovelies soon! Hopefully next post is a good one!!