Release Post #9.5 2018

As promised, another chapter of Yasashii Hikari (one more chapter and I would have caught up with Volume One!… Ugh… ganbarimasu~)

I really love this slow pace manga. Every chapter makes me feel wistful, even if it’s just a simple realization of the story at the end. I hope my translations gets through, and touches your heart. To me, this kind of manga is like the chicken soup that you need once in a while to heal your soul… 

This is sudden, but I think my proofreader has disappeared… 🙁 It been days since she last replied my message and so one of the release you will read today will probably have crappy grammar again… 

Sigh, I don’t want to jump the gun, but sometimes, this is why I work alone.
If my proofreader lady really is gone though, (honestly I hope she is okay though… more than anything… ) I maybe…might find a new one. Maybe…..

So, besides Yasashii Hikari, there’s a one shot by Tsubaki Izumi. Maybe you have read or watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, or Tsubaki sensei other long ass running series, ‘Oresama Teacher’. I love Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, so can’t miss the chance to translate her first brand new work in seven years! 

It’s generic-ish…Well, it’s shoujo… but it’s formulaic Tsubaki sensei comedy… There’s some funny moments…especially during the letter writing part (woops spoiler!) I laughed so much during translation at that part and again during typeset… 

But I have to say, it got quite a lot of text, and I was really glad I didn’t clean ALL the SFXs. By the page 20, I was wondering when this typesetting going to end… Lol… you can probably spot how much I give a fuck in the last 10 pages cause the typeset starts to look like shit. haha 

Anyhow, that’s the last two for now, sorry for the long wait only to spit out 5 chapters 🙁 

But onwards, next release as mentioned, will have Rokuhoudou and other stuff! And thank you readers for the comments! Even if it’s just a few, or a lot, while I don’t always reply them, I read all of them. Recently just been really lacking sleep (my sleeping hours are wacked!) and trying to do as much as I can with the translations…

To read the two chapters, you can access it HERE or from the menu. 

2 thoughts on “Release Post #9.5 2018

  1. I always loved the attention to detail you put into typesetting (I feel like the fonts always have a great sense of style and fit well with the text). I don’t think the typesetting looked bad at all in the last 10 pages though.

    That banner at the end was a really cute addition, too! Happy upcoming holidays~~

    1. thank you for saying that <3 it’s completely undeserved compliments lol
      i really hated typesetting and all my releases i only do the bare minimum haha just enough to not look suck
      Happy Holidays to you too~~

      Let’s meet again in next release 🙂 Xmas!

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