Release Post #9.1 2018

This is a quick short one 😛 

Firstly, I wanted to do some mega Thanksgiving releases, but it didn’t happen 🙁 Sounds good in my mind but gah, reality intrudes, I’m sorry!

Secondly, Snowbaz joined my solo gig as a proofreader. So now, there’s two of us! Here are some of the releases she has proofread for me. Read for yourself if the quality of my English have improved! You can read more about her from the updated “About” page! 

Then, I know I keep doing new shit… like come on, update the old chapters… yaaahh and I keep saying it’s coming…yes..its really coming! 

Seriously though, I can’t help myself. I need to have this translated by me. LOL

So, this post is about two chapters of Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san. While this is not just about us Fujoshis, but the life of a bookstore employee in general, I love the insight on this. Got to say the redraw kills me… so that took up a lot of time the past three weeks. 


Besides that, there’s also chapter 2 of Yasashii Hikari. Chapter 3 is following, maybe tomorrow or the day after… I’m typesetting it now together with a gag comedy one shot! 

But where’s the BL, motokare?!! Release post #10! I promise!!! For release #10 (not the one after this lol) there will be two chapters of Rokuhoudou together with 1 fantasy oneshot, 1 BL oneshot, and something something. 

To read, please click HERE. See you all soon 😛 and oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! 

5 thoughts on “Release Post #9.1 2018

  1. Thanks for picking up Honda-san! I’m enjoying the anime, but even for gag/comedy the manga version tends to be more detailed and better characterised, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

      1. Honda-san in manga is surprisingly more serious LOL and yes! working on those rokuhoudou… chapter 2 will have a huge appendix with it lol (so many terms!!) and also, so many things to do so little time~

  2. Eeeee! I love Honda so I’m super excited for that. Thanks for your hard work and doing your best. You really have me hyped for more BL and Rokuhoudou. All that beautiful food and I totally don’t secretly ship Gure x Tsubaki or anything. >->

    1. definitely gure x tsubaki 😀 that tsundere deserves to be the bottom!
      I think I like to pick difficult stuff to torture myself lol, so these few chapters, have quite a lot of puns… i don’t think most people will notice it… but it was a struggle on the way to release… puns are a horrible thing

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