Release Post 8.5 #2018

Happy Halloween (again)! I finished my exams last week, and started working on the translations, managed to complete one and it’s the last chapter of Dear Crazy Monster! 


By the way, some recent update to wordpress broke DISQUS comments… it won’t appear and I have tried disabling various stuff and looking through the codes and debug messages, I can’t find where it is blocking it. 

So, I figures, I enable wordpress comments, it won’t appear either!!!! If any of you are website savvy, can check out the source code and please, pleaaase mail me and tell me what’s wrong?! Or recommend me a comment system that’s not FACEBOOK based that work with this…

And oh, I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper mad with DISQUS too…. I opened a discussion about this with support and not a single reply. So, I’m kind of right at this moment, like FUCK YOU DISQUS…

EDIT: Ok so after I post this, DISQUS COMMENTS APPEAR! But none of my old posts shows the comments… so I can’t reply to any in the old posts… Blargh I don’t know anymore what’s going on)

Okay, back to Dear Crazy Monster…


If you have been following this, you probably noticed how much comments I actually made throughout this manga in every chapter… Amazingly, I’m being quite restrained in the last chapter (only one salty comment) 

And well, the ending is expected, there’s no twist, it’s a happy ending for both the brothers. But, seriously, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…

They don’t deserve each other. Like, seriously, not just cause they are brothers. Even if they aren’t related, they don’t deserve each other. 

Hayato, in my opinion, is still this massive controlling creep. And Yuki, in some parts, seems like he’s being sensible, but weirdly gave in to his desire (note I’m not saying love) to be with Hayato. 

Like, some of those monologues from Hayato… FUUUCK, someone call the police. or something. Dude really need psychological help. And there’s a scene with Tamura for closure, and it’s not even well done. Tamura, you going to just give up like this?! You going to just forgive Hayato like that? (with his half assed apologies) 

Ahhh, and seriously, I know it’s fiction…but I’m so dissatisfied with how this played out. The whole year, every time while I’m translating this, I have so much emotions running through me… and right now, I’m kind of loss for words on what else I want to rant about.  Argh

Imagine if this doesn’t end here…how much more toxic arcs will happen? This is why i dislike yandere… 

And the ending, Hayato close his monologue with “Goodbye, crazy monster.” He bids his crazy self goodbye. I don’t think it’s gone. It’s just sleeping. Once you crazy, you crazy breh~ 

However, I’m really REALLY glad I can close this… and thus open another new BL series…(which I have held on to for a very long time and luckily nobody picked it up…its destiny!) 

Read this HERE (if it doesn’t appear, I’m currently uploading) 

2 thoughts on “Release Post 8.5 #2018

  1. Hope you did well on your exams! I’m glad you finished this for your sake, haha. Yandere is so hard to do well I feel that it’s very easy to get one step away from full blown serial killer status instead of just troubled psyche introspection. I’d held off on reading the last half of DCM so I’ll finish it now and look forward to your next BL series which I hope causes you less stress! <3 Happy Halloween!

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