Release Post #8 2018

Haaaaayyy, how’s everyone? I didn’t disappeared, not yet anyway lol but been busy translating up a storm! That’s why I’d been quiet for a while. 

This release will also be known as my ‘Mega Halloween Release Pack‘. You read that right!

To be honest, it’s not very ‘mega’, it fall short of a few more chapters that I would like to translate, but I’m out of time, since for the whole week next week, I got to study for my exams… so 10 chapters it is… and gosh darn it, THREE are new series… I’m soooo bad I know… but hey, I am giving you 2 chapters for them new series each, not 1, so please forgive me… 

I love this bat. I love Hotel Transylvania

For the next release though, (definitely will be in November, ) I will be putting out Dear Crazy Monster (last chapter, YAS GOD!) and 2 chapters of Yasashii Hikari, amongst other stuff (I’m trying to squeegey in Rokuhoudou too). This is confirmed because I actually planned for them to be in this release but failed spectacularly. 

And so, HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEN to everyone! It’s a bit early, but whatever, right?! Okay, let’s dive in to the juuuuice of this, the releases! 

01. A.-Answer #6 by Hoshikawa Hachi (Shoujo, Drama, Romance)

Another chapter for A.Answer- by Hoshikawa Hachi after one long year. I’m so sorry for those that were following this… I picked this up as someone else’s abandoned project, then I ended up also letting it stagnant lol… there’s only about 6-7 chapters left to this, they quite easy, not a lot of text per page… I might do a mega release and finish it at one go when I release this again. 

02. My Cosmic Monster #2 by Motteke (Shoujo, Comedy)

It’s not secret by now I love Motteke sensei, and this is another long overdue chapter from her Shoujo (SHOCKING) series, Watashi no Cosmic Monster aka My Cosmic Monster. I have a love hate relationship with sensei… While I love her art style, I sometimes don’t quite agree with her story choices… I’m in a bind at the moment because with the exception of this, all her other BL besides ‘World’s End no Niwa’ are all like BROCEST / YANDERE (well mostly)… yamete kudasai! Ahhh, translate or not translate… translate…because…no…because…Ugggghhh… that’s a headache for another day…

But I soooo love the male MC in this one… just read for yourself and check out all his facial expressions… I LOVE IT!!! Sensei draws sarcasm so damn well… I’m also way behind in this like everything else, haha… but luckily the Japanese release for this is also quite slow too… 

03. Risou no Koi no, sono ato ni #2 by A-tan (Shoujo, Romance)

Yet another ongoing that fiiiiiiiinally sees a chapter release… this is my guilty pleasure, a feel good fluff that’s cute af… If you had a bad day… read this sugary stuff… I’m not going to say I swear you’ll feel better, but maybe, maybe you just might haha 

Oh, there’s also only hmm…2? 3? chapters left of this… So, when I release this title the next time, I’ll complete them at one go… fingers crossed! 

04. Genderless Danshi ni Ai Sarete imasu #1 and #2 by Tamekou (Josei, Comedy, Romance)

Oooookay, the first of the new releases… Two chapters to bait you in and yes, you read that right, it’s THE TAMEKOU… Another popular BL mangaka wetting her toes outside of her genre. 

Why don’t I translate her BL instead? Well, not that I don’t want to, but competition is harsh… Besides, I’m suuuuuper interested in BL author non genre stuff… so I want to be the one to translate this…and Besides V2… ‘genderless’ man?! How can you not be interested?! 

While I do feel the title is a bit of a bait…there’s nothing quite genderless about the male MC, what a weird label to put on him…but, it’s cute, I definitely want to see where this is going… please be good, please be good. 

05. Black Terror #1 and #2 by Midou Matsuri (Seinen, Horror, Black Comedy) 

New series numberrrrrr two is called ‘Black Terror’. It’s a series of one shots based in this eerie town called ‘Creepy Side’. I picked this up because, hay…what’s Halloween without some creepy? And I also really like the whimsical art style and the black comedy vibe…It’s very Donnie Darko / Tim Burton-ish and it’s not a heavy read.

Out of the 2 chapters, I actually really like the first chapter…not going to spoil it for you, but the ending is really awesome 🙂 

06. Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai #1 and #2. Art by Gouto Yukiko, Story by Kodama (Seinen, Mature, Tragedy)

Okay, I saved the best for last. This is the final new series I’m introducing and I’m going to be talking at length about this. 

Firstly, the blurb I have written for this one:

This is the adaptation of a doujin novel that shocked Japan and sold over 130,000 copies within a month. It even outsold Haruki Murakami’s long awaited novel, ‘Killing Commendatore’ domestically. 

While in the manga, it claims that it’s just a work of fiction, the press release for the book by Fushosha, the publishing company, says (and I quote) “‘Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai’ is a shocking true tale that tells the story of a woman’s life”. 

Comicalized by Gouto Yukiko (36-do, R-chuugakusei), it’s about a relationship between school, society, men and women. About a woman that struggles with the curse that’s ‘normalcy’, her struggle with impotence, cheating, and all that in between. 

A story of despair and hope, dedicated to all the people who have difficulty living, begins now.

I came across this by chance (seriously, god bless Amazon Recommendations) while browsing Amazon. The title itself is very eye-catching to say the least, (Literally translates to ‘My husband penis won’t go in’) and the customers’ review had me sold. 

One review wrote ‘I found some parts of the book difficult to read, but I was moved by the ending. It might be hard to read for those who doesn’t want to know the dark side of human life. But what remained in my mind after reading was that it was a book that’s kind enough to encourage me to try my best. I’m really moved by the hard life experience of a stranger.” 

Another review, longer this time wrote, ‘Through her husband’s absence, her shyness and failure in the workplace, The sense of self reproach, coupled with her guilt and worthlessness when compared to others became increasing severe and self destructive as the story goes on. However she was able to achieved catharsis through the process of searchin for their happiness. ‘Isn’t it okay to be different?’

I’m touched by the experience of the author’s deep soul and after reading, I thought that Kodama-san is a very strong person.

Of course, not all are positives, there were some disgruntled readers that wondered how such a story could’ve outsold Haruki Murakami… the depressing nature of the subject of the story is a contrast to the erotic  nature of the title, leaving some disillusioned. 

As for me, I have yet to read the book, but I have read 10 chapters of this manga so far (it is currently at 10 chapters) and here are some of my own opinions on this…

I think when it comes to the subject of impotence, the first thing that sprung to mind will be male impotence, a lot of topics had been made about it, we are more aware of it than female impotence. And female impotence is a real thing, Vaginismus is a condition affecting many women and the psychological burden it places is no lesser than a male. 

I find the surroundings of our main character is the contribute to her tribulations in life later on… She is shy by nature, I can empathize with that, and when at the age of curiosity, ahh~ the teenage years, you will be curious about a lot of things, including sex. I believe she was inappropriately prepared for that. And her first time coupled with that blood she saw freaked her out and thus set her up for the tragedy. 

She couldn’t understand why it hurts when a dick goes near her. While reading the summary and reviews, I understand later on, both of them indulges in affairs with other people. As the manga has yet to reach that point, I’m really curious how it goes for her. Does she only have issue having sex with her boyfriend (this class A jerk-yes I do think this guy is kind of a jerk) that later on became her husband? If it’s so, how does this impotence works… Some of the reviews indicate that the husband is also impotent… but wha… I think when I have time I need to read the actual novel to make more sense of it… 

But if there’s anything that I have to say about this is though, her low self esteem really frustrates me. Anyhow, I’m locked in and loaded for the long term with this to take you all on this rollercoaster ride with me. 

Beware the rants! And that’s it for the Halloween release… Oh, before you ask, ‘What, motokare, that’s it?! NO BL translations???’ 

I have something planned… let’s just put it this way. 

As usual, if you don’t see the chapters, come back in a while, there’s quite a bit to upload this time, and happy reading!

P/S: Btw I noticed ever since I upgraded to Foolslide 2.0 the reader is not showing double pages properly… I might need to roll back to the original foolslide… need time to figure this out without breaking the whole reader… these web stuff is a headache