Ahhhhh, okay, I lied…

Last release was not the last for September…maybe this one is… haha

You see, I don’t know why, but yesterday evening, out of curiosity, I went to check out what Mita Ori sensei have been doing recently… and then I saw that this Oneshot from her published last year is now available digitally… 

Look, it’s 108 yen (CHEEEEP), and it’s Mita Ori. O.M.G~ MUST BUY! 

Me after reading…snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatched

OML~ Must translate asap! So, in record time…. I don’t think I have ever been so eager or work so fast… less than 24 hours! And that includes me having a nice 8 hrs sleep… lol 

The title is called “Futari Hyakkei: Kaze no owari haru no hajimari”. In English, loosely translated as “Best of two: The beginning of Spring after a cold~”

Well, I don’t quite get why it’s called “Hyakkei” (百景), maybe someone with better grasp of Japanese can explain to me…as Hyakkei means “best 100 views” like, best 100 views/ scenery of Japan…yunno…something like that… But I guess here it can be meant to say the “the best selection of a couple”…sorta like “top 100 scenes” blah blah… welp…that’s my take anyway

Anyhow, if you’re familiar with Mita Ori, you’ll know that it’s definitely going to be cute…there’ll be some quiet/stoic/awkward MC…and super fluffy ending… Ah~ I love….

this is my favorite panel in the oneshot…SO DAMN KYUUUUUTE~ UwU

Okay, so, whatever it is, it’s a short chapter, so…please read it! And I must say, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn please with myself to be able to translate this before anyone else! YES! I got a Mita Ori in… (yeah, what’s with the BL scanlation scene being so damn fast and all with manga being picked up…)

YES! That’s me right there on the inside when posting this hahaha

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