Release Post #7 2018

Ayyyyy~ How’s everyone doing? I’ve been procrastinating a lot (as usual) but somehow miraculously finished 4 different stories, aaaaand so we are here with another release post! 

By the way, before I start with my long winded post talking about these releases, let me shill something first :3

So, if you’ve seen my “About” page here, you probably can’t miss seeing me proclaiming that I’m an Ahgase (GOT7 fandom)… aaaaaaaaaaaand my babies are in the middle of a comeback here, with a FULL LENGTH ALBUM called “Present:YOU” with the title track “Lullaby” (it’s a BOP-I been replaying it to since 17th on Spotify…), I also like “No One Else” on it…

This is from the booklet… I’m very triggered by how BamBam looks like he got NO ARMS! lol

And yuh, I’m not going to link the official MV, but I really love this version where they dance to Lullaby as a relay…isssh sshooo cute UwU

Please support and watch their vids! They are really funny :3

Okay, now back to the main stuff, the releases… 

Ano Yasashii Sekai (2nd chapter is BL themed)

Firstly, a long overdue follow up for “Ano Yasashii Sekai”.  If you have not read this before, Ano Yasashii Sekai is a compiled anthology from Aono Nachi. Each stories have a different setting but follow the theme of “this kind/unkind world” (which is the title). First chapter is a story about An, an adroid and her human master in a fictional steampunk Japan. 

Now, the second chapter, what I take from it after multiple readings, (I had to read it a lot of times to make some sense to it, if not the translation would have been a huge mess… not that it is not in my opinion, but I’ve tried…as for why it is a mess… read me out…) is that it explores sexuality (in the closet/coming out), friendship, affection and admiration between Shiki and Aida… But the way the story unravel kinds of reminds me of Inception… The scene and dialogue changes was quite confusing… I differentiate it with my translation so you’ll have no mistake who’s the speaker at that moment, but for me, it was vague at times, and I only use their dialect as marker (Shiki speaks in standard/Kantou dialect, while Aida speaks in Kansai dialect most of the time). 

This chapter was originally published in the 11th issue of Gateau in 2015. 

Thousand Windows, Thousand Doors (Josei)

Second release is a new one! (Yes I know!! Damn me!! So many ongoings and I picked up MOAR new stuff… curses…ha…) It’s a Slice of Life (SoL) anthology of 12 different stories focusing on the residents of this high rise apartment complex. It’s very mundane, but yet so relatable in its mundaness… It’s the kind of simple short stories where you can relate with the characters. 

Ougon no Koku (Shoujo)

Look how cute it is the art :3

Third release is a fantasy shoujo but without the sickly sweet romance. For me, this is more in the vein of the one shot I released last month (Yuusha go Ikkou)… if you have read that, you’ll know what I mean…if you have not, please prepare some tissues and go read both Yuusha go Ikkou and this 😛

And the mangaka for this one shot, Abe Marina, I’ve now add her to my radar LOL she is a newbie author, and from what I can see, have only published two one shots so far in The Hanayume. I like the art style, and I hope she will do some kind of series… well maybe not shoujo, I think she will do well with Shounen going with the fantasy vein… but I’ll be keeping my eyes on her :3

Uchi no Pi-chan (Seinen)

The last release will be another short one shot. This time a Seinen one (this one was featured in last month’s issue of Ultra Jump) Parakeet/birds are all the rage after Pisuke and Usagi trends in Japan… so everyone wants a Pi-chan nowadays it seems lol 

This one shot is a special one shot derived from the mangaka, Yoshimoto Shuuji’s other manga… I’ll link it here… and I hope someone will pick it up haha

And so, these are all the releases and I think it’ll be the last one for the month of September… I’m still undecided on what to release next… I’m thinking of going with a theme for a few releases… god knows, I got enough materials to last for a while… 

But I’ll continue to post a chapter of all the ongoings that badly need an update every release…so if there’s something that you have been waiting (for like a year lol) it’ll appear soon… I promise 

To read all the new releases, please go to the reader, and as usual, if you don’t see them, come back in few minutes, I’m uploading them right now!  

p/s: I’m in the midst of creating a theme for the reader, so if you’re reading and the reader weirded out, that’s probably me doing something with it 😛 I just feel that the original foolslide theme are too meh and doesn’t goes with my blog (I toned down the colors by the way… see how fickle I am lol)