Release Post #6.5 2018

I’m back with a mini update! 

This time to tie up “Isle of Dogs”. Chapter four will be the last chapter of this manga. I really enjoy this even though it is only four chapters. Mochizuki Minetaro sensei did a great job, and the meaning of the story is great. Especially when you take out the fluff from the movie. But anyway, it is a little different from the movie anyhow… 

When I was translating, I was deeply touched by the dialogue and narration. Atari’s deep love and the truth in the dialogue about how a lot of humans still treat animals (not just dogs!) really resonates! I feel so sad (Uwaaa~)

I’m a small time translator, and I don’t translate anything “hot”. But I really wish more people, especially pet lovers, knows about this manga and read this. I think they will like this very much. Even though it’s just a movie promo tie-in, I think it’s very well done! 

Also making a long comeback, my favorite delusional BL Ojousama, “Kusatte mo Bijou” (Still a beauty even if she’s rotten). If you have read my previous release post, remember the part where I was talking about the raw cleaning?! Well, I’m debuting the first release using the new paper scans cleaning method I sort of put together! I’m quite happy with the results, would like to see some feedback from you guys how is it compared to my old scans like from Kawaii Kara Yurusu and A-Answer… 

Also, if you’re a first time reader of this gag comic and is confused why I’m posting chapter 2 when there’s already chapter 6 available, this is because when I first translate this manga, I didn’t have the 2nd chapter. I tracked down a 2ndhand copy around November last year, so I’m glad now the chapters are in order. 

To be honest though, each chapter is a standalone, I’m just organizing them chronologically for easy reading. 

After this, I don’t know when will be the next release, because my computer is dying and I need to send it for repairs. But, I don’t know how long it will take… I think the graphic card is dying not to mention my hard drive have bad sector popping up (Ugh, I know, so I have to replace it…$$$$) Editing and lettering have been a real struggle, photoshop keep freezing up randomly and everything is very sluggish… I’m hoping to get the repair guy to format everything and do a reinstall too… Thank god I have backed up everything (I use Backblaze, super affordable and good!) 

Okay, lastly, fingers crossed my computer will come back good as new, or at least serviceable haha… if not I’m in big trouble!

To read the chapters, please go to the reader, and if you don’t see it, come back in a few minutes because I’m uploading it as we speak.

I can’t quite decides on the flow if I should upload first or post first hahaha

And Oh yeah, this two chapters are still a product of me being hypnotized by Bonamana LOL I’m spreading the sauce!