Release time! Oooh, I’m very excited because I got FOUR releases coming! 

Firstly, I’m glad to publish the fifth one shot of my Umishima Senbon series. This one was a bit heavy on dialogue and sfx… when you read it, you’ll notice that I kind of goes “blah” and ignored some of them…

Again, as you will expect from sensei now, the art is beautiful, the story will have humor and yet still have a kind of moral lesson to be learned. There’s some useful information about sea creatures too! 

Look how pretty it is :3

Next up, are the first two chapters of a four-part mini series based on Wes Anderson’s movie “Isle of Dogs”. Okay…so, I can go on and on about Wes Anderson. But first the movie…it was released a few months ago worldwide, some of you probably have seen it, some of you probably yet to. 

This manga have a slight difference from the movie, so please have a read. I decided to translate it because it is short, I love the art presented in the manga, such clean lines, and of course, because it’s Wes Anderson. 

Besides nerding out on manga, I also love photography very much. I typically likes to landscape and building photography, but recently I’m very much into street photography. Having spent my hard earned money on a good lens for it few months ago, I have been trying to refine my photography game. 

I think the challenge with street photography is to capture THAT moment, THE moment. While you can pretty much setup and prep for it with landscape and building photography, street photography requires some finesse to capture those moments. And why am I talking about photography in a manga release post? Oh yeah, Wes Anderson. You really can’t talk about photography and filmography without talking about him.

I love his movies. Just “The Grand Budapest Hotel” alone, I have watched it like five times. hahaha… Those little details, his trademark colors, his obsessiveness of shooting in symmetry… They are just all so beautiful. I’m quite color challenged, to be able to shoot photos with the kind of color sensibility you see in Wes Anderson’s movie is still something I can’t quite get right.

I will publish the last 2 chapters with the next release schedule. Please look forward to that!

And last but not least, the first chapter of ROKUHOUDOU YOTSUIRO BIYORI… I can’t believe nobody picked this up?! Is this under some kind of copyright strike? Well, I’ll just post the first chapter and see how it goes…

Tsubaki is my favorite

And you know, I love the anime, I was so sad it ended! The art is so pretty, all those delicious sweets and dishes… it always leave me hungry after watching! I’m a Keto-er, and watching it just leaves me really sad because I really love Japanese Wagashi like kusamochi, anmitsu, zenzai… and they are all caaaarbs…. Occasionally, I can’t help myself and will eat kusamochi (especially if they are grilled…the ones from Kuromon market is hands down the best…I have tried many stores around Kansai) 

Also, the pairings in this (my imaginary ones) ahh, while this not a BL manga, I definitely ship Gure X Tsubaki (YAS! Just with imagining alone the tsundere Tsubaki that always cut Gure cold goes putty in his arms…ohohoohohoho)

Please go to the reader to read all of them!!! And as usual, the releases have a 3 days delay before it will be available with the public sites. Please help me out and not upload them before that! They will be available automatically.