Doumo doumo! 

I think for all the readers that have been following since before, it should be pretty obvious now that I like Nakamura Hinata. (I translate Kokuhaku Biyori by her, and oh yes, a new chapter is coming! teehehe) 

I was pretty excited, (ok, very much excited :O) when I saw that she’s having a serialization and it’s not SHOUJO!

I frankly don’t like Betsufure very much (most of the art and stories didn’t appealed to me), was used to reading it cause I like Watashi ga Motete Dousunda cause of Junko sensei…(I’m a sucker for anything out of genre by what’s normally are BL writers…) But it is from following Watashi ga Motete Dousunda that I discovered Nakamura Hinata…

And frankly speaking, she’s wasted on Betsufure… I’m glad now she’s doing something much better. I really hope this serialization works well for her… It might not be everyone’s kind of manga… Since the pace is slow, and the story (for now) pretty normal… You’ll probably relate if you are kind of suffering crisis at work or something like that, and yearning for a new change of environment… 

But, I love the normalness of this new manga from her and it helps that her art is as beautiful as ever. Without the baggage of average shoujo tropes weighing her down, (hooray~) I’m really looking forward to how she will move this story along. 

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