A small midweek update here. A release and this is a one shot by Hirano Ryouji to commemorate the release of the 2nd volume of BOZEBEATS.

The story was confusing in parts (at least to me), as it incorporates flashback and reality quite abruptly… I had to re-read it a few times to get a proper sense of the timeline…

So, when I was setting the type for this, I was careful to use different fonts to accentuate the flashbacks. 

I did mentioned in previous post that I was releasing a new story by a mangaka that I’m already translating. This is not it, and that will be coming soon. I’m about 30 pages in on that one, but decided to work on this one first instead…hahaha my priorities are so bad ne~

What caught me in this story is the earnest heart of the main character. I won’t reveal too much, please read it for yourself, but it really caught my heart. 

This probably is a wasted effort, 😀 but I hope that this won’t turn up on the other manga sites before I post it to mangadex. Please let it survive a few days here on my own site to generate traffic. Onegaishimasu~