Release Post #01 2018

My first release in over a year. ORZ I was working on this before I went MIA…sorry for those that have been waiting long. All the ones that I have been working on will have new chapters out before I burned out again…hahah I hope!

On top of that, another new manga (I know I shouldn’t, but I was eyeing this when it came out early last year and the manga is now completed, so I will pick it up confidently…)

Kawaii Kara Yurusu by Sangatsu Kaoru is getting a 2nd chapter release. In case you may not realized, this is a collection of one shots compiled together. Though the original published volume doesn’t have all the stories (Just selected fews) But I do have all the one shots, including those that didn’t make the cut. Hopefully it won’t take few more years to publish all haha

The second release is called “Renai Flag Zero Joshi no Meisou” by Migino Mako. This is a shoujo manga by a BL mangaka and I was really excited for it because it is really funny. I love Migino Mako-sensei’s writing. Her kind of dry sarcasm and sometimes makes no sense comedy makes for really entertaining reading.

I love how in this manga, the main character is more of an anti-heroine than a typical shoujo heroine (oh yeah, I am sick of those…) She also breaks the fourth wall (and who don’t love that kind of stuff?!) The expressions and scenes in this manga is 11/10 for me.

In the next few days, I’ll be pushing out another 2 releases from a mangaka that I’m already translating. One is a much needed update, while another is her new work (It is pretty as hell, I am so excited and can’t wait to share it out!)

Ahh, also, I don’t know where to upload now that is dead… (R.I.P btw), so for now, I will only upload it on my reader only. I plan to put advertising banners on the reader, I hope you guys won’t adblock it. I need to collect enough money to cover the server cost. It is not exhorbitant, but I hope to make this website pays itself. So please help me out!

To read the chapters, please head to the reader. Thank you!