Random rant

  Ahh, this has nothing to do with manga (well, a little bit)… I just want to relieve some pent up emotion hahaha… Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t and be like “what the hell is she […]


Release Post #5 2018

Release time! Oooh, I’m very excited because I got FOUR releases coming!  Firstly, I’m glad to publish the fifth one shot of my Umishima Senbon series. This one was a bit heavy on dialogue and sfx… when you read it, […]


Release Post #4 2018

Ladies and gentlemen… Do you like anime? I will assume it’s a “yes” since you are reading this post right now, you probably like manga & anime, or either of both or a little bit of both. right? Have you […]


Release Post #3 2018

Doumo doumo!  I think for all the readers that have been following since before, it should be pretty obvious now that I like Nakamura Hinata. (I translate Kokuhaku Biyori by her, and oh yes, a new chapter is coming! teehehe)  […]


Release Post #2 2018

A small midweek update here. A release and this is a one shot by Hirano Ryouji to commemorate the release of the 2nd volume of BOZEBEATS. The story was confusing in parts (at least to me), as it incorporates flashback […]